Feminism Club Empowers Young Women

Former club is being revived and expanded by sophomore Zoe Murray


Photo By Nick Alvarez

Members of the Feminism Club work hard to promote their club during Rush Week.

Katherine Borg, Editor-in-Chief

Equality is making its rise with the Feminism club. Leaders hope to create a Feminism Club where everyone has a voice and can be involved.

“To me, feminism is the belief that all people should have equal opportunity and equal rights,” said junior Emma Phoenix. The club is a revival of a previously active feminism club. Leaders of this year’s club are ready to make some improvements. Sophomore Zoe Murray decided to revive the club this year because she wanted to bring feminism back to campus.

“My hopes are to open up the minds of kids who would have never called themselves feminists before,” said sophomore Zoe Murray.

Murray took her idea and shared it with her peers, who also had the same goals and hopes as her.

“A few years ago there was a feminism club but when the students graduated and last year no one decided to take over so Zoe had the idea to create the next generation of feminists on campus,” said Phoenix. “That’s why our slogan is nextgenfem.”

They even hope to help El Camino with their feminism club, all for the purpose of expanding their beliefs to all schools.

The club has an active presence on social media so they can easily connect with club members. You can find them on Instagram and Twitter @rahsfem.

Every month they change the theme of their topics at meetings. This October will be about women’s health. The club will post their monthly themes on social media because they want members to be informed about topic discussions and decide if they would like to attend or not.

At meetings, you can also expect to find that guest speakers may be there.

They have already been involved in fundraising since the beginning of this year and sold donuts and hot chocolate in order to raise money to fund other club activities. “We haven’t done much because we wanted to wait until after rush week to really do stuff,” said Phoenix.

They have many ideas and have big hopes for what will come next. “In the next few months, we will hopefully be doing more events, such as a movie night, canned food/clothing drive, and more events to help the club and the community,” said Murray.

The Feminism Club meets every other Tuesday in room A1 at lunch.