Vegetation in a bun

Don’t spend valuable time reading labels, spend it munching on healthy eats in Old Town Fair Oaks next to some free-roaming chickens. At Sunflower Drive-In, the hard-to-pronounce ingredients that plague most food labels are non-existent.

Their offerings appeal to both picky eaters, vegans, health conscious, and those who just want to grab a bite to eat.

The signature dish at Sunflower is the Nutburger, which is a nut-meat burger on a whole-wheat bun with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles, sprouts, and sauce. It is a savory dish, that while resembling a hamburger, has its own unique natural taste. This dish costs about six dollars and can be vegan if specified.

For those who want to eat a little more than just a Nutburger, the Super Nutburger is a good alternative. It’s basically a larger version of the original Nutburger served on pocket bread.

The other nutmeat dishes on the menu at Sunflower are the Patty Melt and the Nutty Taco, a customer favorite.

They also serve millet burgers and mushroom millet.

However, if you do not enjoy the taste of non-meat substitutes, you probably shouldn’t order a nutmeat or millet dish.

Sunflower also offers more traditional lunch fare, such as a variety of sandwiches, salads, falafel, and bean burritos.

Don’t bother to buy their vegan cookies if you’re not vegan however, they don’t taste soft and crispy. They have more of a biscuit-y texture.

Indoor seating at Sunflower Drive-In is extremely limited, and most seating is an outdoor patio setting.

Customer service there is impeccable, and the cooks are more than willing to accommodate custom requests.

One can add mango or other fruit to their smoothie, or order a sandwich and chips but then substitute cornbread for chips. It seems that if you ask, they will do.

Sunflower Drive-In is located in Old Town Fair Oaks, and is open Mon-Tues 10:30-4 pm, Weds-Fri 10:30-8 pm, and Sun 11-4 pm.

This is a great, well-established place to grab a healthy bite or try someplace new with friends, but it is not for everyone.

If you despise health food and alternative meat, this is not the place for you.

If you don’t want to make the 20 minute drive to Old Town Fair Oaks, this is not the place for you.

If it happens to be raining or you don’t like outdoor seating and the sounds of roosters crowing, this is not the place for you.

But if you enjoy eating at places off the beaten bath, want a unique dining experience, are vegan, or simply want a nutritious and filling meal, Sunflower Drive-Inn is a must-try.