Q&A Mrs. Jung

Emi Anzai, Mirada Staff

How long have you been teaching math?

My whole career in teaching math basically has been here. I started here at Rio in 1991 as the math instructional assistant. I had my math degree but I did not have my teaching credentials so then I went back through Chapman and got my teaching credential, did my student teaching here at Rio and I substituted for a semester and I had a long term sub job at El Camino High School. I did a short stint at Natomas High School, but then I did my student teaching here at Rio and I started teaching here in 1994. I’ve been here ever since, but I feel as if I have been here since 1991.

How has the math program changed in the time you’ve been here?

It has changed a lot and the biggest change has been recently. I’ve seen it go from where when I started teaching around 1994 – 1995, I taught the lowest math and that was Math A. Then they did away with Math A and the lowest math class was Algebra 1. Then they brought back in Real Life Math for under Algebra 1. Then for a number of years until a couple years ago we went to Common Core Integrated, it’s basically Algebra 1, Geometry, Transition to Algebra 2, Algebra 2, Transition to College Math Stats, Pre-Cal, then Stats, then Calculus and AP Calculus BC. Now, a couple of years ago we went to Integrated Common Core, we’ve been transitioning out Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and in its place we’ve been putting in Integrated Math 1, Math Modeling, this is the first year for Integrated 2 and 2+, and the next year will be the first year for Integrated 3, Integrated 3+, out goes Algebra 1, this year is the last year of Geometry, and next year is probably going to be the last year of Algebra 2. They’ve also incorporated a new math class for just seniors, called ESL math for seniors and they’re also phasing out Transition to College Math class.

What are your favorite memories of teaching?

My favorite memories is when a student comes in and struggles in math and it doesn’t matter if it’s all of a sudden or if it takes over a year, but the lightbulb goes on and it clicks and they get it and they go from struggling in math to really loving math and going on and succeeding in math. So in general, that’s my reward.

What did you do before coming to Rio?

Before I became a teacher, I had my math degree, I worked in the assessor’s office. I worked for the Sutter County assessor’s office for five years before I started as a math instructional assistant here.

What do you plan on doing after you retire?

I still hope to tutor Rio students after school. I have a lot of family that need me so I plan on babysitting my 2 year old grandson, I plan on taking care of my parents. I still bowl, I love gardening, and I would like to travel some, so I’m sure I’ll be kept busy.

What inspired you to start teaching/teaching math in general?

I’ve actually tutored since I’ve been in high school. I’ve always tutored in math. I’ve always loved teaching math, whether it’s tutoring or not. So when I came here as the math instructional assistant, I did not have my teaching credential. So I would go around in the different math classes and help students with their math and teach them. I just loved it so that inspired me to get my teaching credential and actually become a teacher in the classroom.