Teen Trends at Rio Americano


Katherine Borg and Molly Gherini

Rio students who love their iPhones, Chipotle and Adidas reflect the tastes of their generation according a recent survey of teen shopping habits Piper Jaffray.

The semi annual survey polled 6,500 middle and upper income teens across 46 states. A survey by the Mirada found that students here share many shopping preferences with teens around the country. But Rio students also have their own tastes.

While nationally, teens picked Chick-Fil-A as there favorite place to eat. The Mirada found Rio students prefer In-N-out for fast food, which is a popular location for Californians since the majority of the In-N-Out’s are found in California, the results make sense.

In-N-Out is the favorite fast food restaurant of 65 percent of Rio students, followed by Taco Bell with 18 percent and Chick-Fil-A, with a close 17 percent, and McDonald’s with nine percent.

“My favorite fast food is In-N-Out because their food is always good and warm when I get it. Also they never mess up my order and the people are always nice there,” said Sophomore Cela Chamness.

Unlike, Piper Jaffray the Mirada did not include Chipotle in the restaurant survey, but the chains remain hugely popular.  When asked their favorite place to get coffee, 55 percent of Rio students responded Starbucks, which is the most popular nationally too. Dutch Bros. was second with 23 percent, another popular west coast location, therefore not as popular nationally. “It’s really good and cheap and the sizes are a lot bigger than other places like Starbucks,” said junior Fran Herrera.

Some questions had an overwhelmingly popular answer such as Apple phone users, who took up 95 percent of survey answers. Another popular response was that students felt that Netflix was the best site to stream movies and/or television shows. Netflix raked in 90 percent of the vote.     

When we asked students if they had a job we found out the most students are employed sometimes during their high school career. Teens are found to spend most of this hard earned money on food, 61 percent said so.        Junior Lilly Nelson spends a majority of her well-earned money on food. “I love going out to lunch with my friends.” said Nelson.   

Social media is a large part of teen’s lives, 59 percent of students most spend their free time using Snapchat, with Instagram coming in second with 31 percent of students responses.                                                                                                                            Teens wear many different categories of clothes so The Mirada broke it down to get the best answers. Students favorite clothing brand is the expensive store Urban Outfitters with 29 percent of responses.

However, Nordstrom and PacSun came in with a very close second and third place. When it comes to students favorite athletic brand, Nike came in with half the votes. Nike, however, did not win the most popular shoe among students, Converse won with 39 percent of the vote.

Overall, the Mirada discovered that while the national poll and Rio students found some things in common, there are still quite a few differences.