Freshmen Emma Davis Receives Scholarship

Rio Americano Student Emma Davis gets Scholarship


Ross Gowan, Mirada Staff

Freshman Emma Davis’ high school career is off to a great start. Her astounding soccer skills, as well as academics, has given her the luxury of already knowing where she will be attending college.

Davis will be attending University of the Pacific on a full ride soccer scholarship, after her high school career is over in three years. Being noticed as early as freshmen year by colleges is likely thanks to her current soccer club, San Juan FC (ECNL 02’).

“I went to a college I.D camp, which is where I got to play soccer in front of many college coaches. So that I can meet them and as I was hoping, get offered,” said Davis.

Not having to worry about the stress of college applications, the waiting to hear back and worst of all the final choice of college. This stress is not only lifted off of Davis, but both her parents as well.

“I’m not sure who is actually more excited about getting a scholarship to Pacific, me or my dad,” said Davis.

Brian Davis is the father of Emma and a P.E. teacher. He has been behind his daughter every step of the way.

“I helped her drive to practice everyday and get her to all of her games, but as far as performance on the field that was all her,” said Davis

Davis has been playing for years, but her comp career is what set her future college soccer career in motion.

“It all Started in 8th grade,” said Davis. “She went to a national tournament and University of Portland saw her.”

Scouts came to numerous games of hers. She liked University of Portland and after going on two unofficial visits, she fell in love with the school. Even after all that, once Davis was seen by Pacific and they offered her a full ride. She jumped at the opportunity.

“Before I accepted the offer from Pacific I researched the school and then the next week I went on a tour there. I was very impressed with the school even with its small size. I accepted their offer on the tour,” said Davis.

Davis was one the only four freshmen to be on varsity soccer this last season. Coach and athletic director, Jennifer Smiley was very proud of Davis for work effort on and off the field.

“Every year I have the honor of coaching lots of talented young ladies. Each one of them works hard year round academically and athletically. They show up to practice every day with a positive attitude and high work ethic. Emma is one of these girls,” said Smiley.