Senior Flips Over Job at Suzie Burger


Along with studying for tests in school, senior Emily Sanchez manages to fit a part time job into her schedule.  

Sanchez has been working at Suzie Burger for a long time. She works three days a week and has had the job for a year and a half.

Her job includes taking customers orders at the cash register, making milkshakes, ice cream cones and cleaning counters.

“When we are low on staff, I also help fill in stock,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez makes nine dollars an hour plus tips.

“I put half of it in savings, then the other half in my checking account so I can spend it,” Sanchez said.

At Suzie Burger they serve a variety of food not limited to burgers(the main attraction), but also cheesesteaks, chocolate dipped cones and lemonade.  

Over the time she has worked there, Sanchez gained not only experience, but some prominent memories and moments relating to customers.  

“One time a homeless man kept taking salt packets and when the manager got mad and tried telling him to get out, he took a pump of hand sanitizer, swallowed it, then ran out the door,” Sanchez said.

One time a mishap almost turned into a brawl, ending with the cops presenting themselves on the scene.  

“One man came in and purchased an order with a false credit card, which was given to him accidentally by a waiter at the bar he just came from,” Sanchez said.

Little did the man know, the card given back to him by the waiter at the bar would get him into a heap of trouble, whether it was his fault or not.  “The owner of the credit card tracked the purchase, stormed into the joint and started yelling at the other man,” Sanchez said.

This caused quite a scene and the confrontation continued to escalate.  “The credit card owner started approaching the other man, as if he were trying to instigate a fight, requiring fellow customers to hold him back,” Sanchez said.

Suzie Burger is located in midtown on P Street and 29th Street.  In Sacramento, it’s known for being an old style eatery with retro design.

Sanchez has grown attachment to the place and after all this time she continues to take on the responsibility. “I love working there, it’s a lot of fun,” Sanchez said.

Given its location in a busy urban part of downtown, the commute and transportation to Suzie Burger poses a problem, depending on where you live.  “It’s about 15 minutes from my house,” Sanchez said.

There are times of the day where the rush slows down and work becomes lighter and less stressful, but there are also times when it’s the opposite and the flow of things speeds up.  “It’s most hectic during the lunch hour and weekend nights,” Sanchez said.

At the end of the day, Sanchez carries on being content with her job, finding common ground between enjoyment and seriousness.  “I think the job is an easy workload, but also hard because you have to deal with the public,” Sanchez said.