Refreshing Mexican Cuisine in Midtown


Zocalo, located in midtown, is a mexican restaurant. The restaurant serves breakfast on the weekends, lunch, and dinner. First of all, most things are in spanish. The menus, the bathrooms, everything. It’s a decent size and there are huge windows on all sides of the restaurant. Huge paintings line the walls. One is particular that stands out is of a white figure with two red flowers. Two even bigger mirrors on both sides of the painting. The ceilings were very high with gigantic chandeliers hanging from them. The chairs were very beat-up and had stained cushions.The restaurant was very festive considering it was Dia de los Muertos, day of the dead. In front of the entrance is a tall skeleton with a sugar skull and dressed in a wedding dress. Next to that, a skeleton with the same decorations on the face but dressed in a traditional mexican male suit and sombrero. Under the two figures is a table with pictures, candles and flowers.

The hostess was very welcoming and kind. The waiter was also friendly, but he didn’t talk clearly and had kind of a negative attitude but was trying to cover it. I couldn’t understand him, he mumbled. It took a long time for someone to bring water to the table. They did a good job with refilling the cups whenever they were empty though. They also bring chips and two kinds of dips as soon as you are seated. One of the dips is just pureed black beans with cotija cheese on top. The other is an orange salsa. Both were a little spicy. The chips are refilled also whenever there are no more. Tiny corn muffins covered in powdered sugar were brought out along with the chips. They were quite tasty.

The fresa salad was very refreshing. It was a mixture of cranberries, almonds, strawberries, pickled red onions, blue cheese, cilantro, and lettuce. The salad would have been even better without the blue cheese, but besides that it was delicious. Then the el burrito was also appetizing. It was garnished with tomatoes, a smooth orange sauce, and cotija cheese. The tortilla was very thick and filled with carnitas meat and pinto beans and cheese. A greens salad and black beans came with the burrito. The salad really complimented the burrito. Lastly were the enchiladas {salsa roja}. Three come in one serving, along with a sour and bitter salad which consisted of radicchio (a kind of a lettuce) , corn, cucumber, radish, and red onions. The meal also came with green rice and black beans. The enchiladas were filled with cheese and shredded chicken. There were drizzles of sour cream on top also. There was a lot of cheese inside. It made the enchiladas very filling and chewy.

There were many flies for a restaurant with closed windows and doors. About six flies were on one light hanging over a table.

Overall, besides the few flaws of this restaurant, Zocalo is a great place.