Senior Alyse Rakish: Horseback Rider

Saddle up, it’s time to ride the horse. Horseback riding, or equestrianism, displays the art of riding, driving, steeplechasing and vaulting with horses. Riding horses has evolved from a necessary form of transportation to an elegant art form. Riding horses is relaxing to both the rider and the audience. This well known tradition is practiced by people all over the world.

Senior Alyse Rakish has been involved in horseback riding for seven years. Each year acquiring new skills and ribbons to add to her goal checklist.

Rakish rides at Mount Vernon Equestrian Center in Auburn, CA. This facility has a full arena to mosey around.  Also, it includes outdoor trails and riding pens outside. Mount Vernon Equestrian Center has over 15 acres of free riding range to pony on up. Rakish said, “riding is really fun, but also something I want to keep doing for the rest of my life.

My Senior year was busy and eventful. Riding was the best part.” With tests and awards, Radish has managed to keep on top of her school work. This year she has taken a zero period in order to leave school early to get more riding time in. Next year Rakish will be attending SaddleBack Community College in Mission Viejo. Here she is going to continue her passion of horsebacking riding, hence the name “Saddleback.”

Through her whole high school career Rakish has been riding, she lives for the thrill of the wind blowing in her face and the greenery around her. She first began riding when her Dad dated a woman who owned 3 horses. This woman had her own property to ride and bond with the horses. Rakish said, “whenever I would go over to house it was really fun. She would tell me about horses and all these interesting facts about them. Every time I went over the horses were more and more interesting to learn about. I was really excited to ride and learn how to really know my horse. We had a lot of fun together, so I figured this was something I wanted to continue doing.”

Now on her seventh year of riding, Rakish wouldn’t think about giving it up. Her forever pal is Pete the pony. This dynamic duo rides for the team Showtime Equestrian. Showtime Equestrian is a reputable riding facility that helps over 100 riders achieve their goals of being the best rider.  Rakish said, “right now I am participating in 3 day event competitions. During these competitions I ride in cross country and stadium jumping events. I also compete in the dressage events where we doll up our horses and compete for specific qualities.”

These events are not the only ones she competes in, for these are her best events. Rakish has participated in over three different types of shows, and each show has left her with a 1st through 6th place ribbon.

Rakish said, “I plan to continue competing in the 3 day events. They are fun and time intensive. I plan to keep competing through my college career, but for other things it’s just me and the horse.” She plans to keep pursuing her horseback riding.

“I don’t ride just because it’s fun or relaxing, but I really enjoy it and am very passionate about it,” said Rakish. Some people are passionate about soccer or baseball or dance, but Rakish is passionate about horses. Every Senior has a hobby or passion that drives them further in life. We all have our interests and desires, but for this Rio Senior it’s time to saddle up and take the ride!