Susie Cakes Review

Susie Cakes Review

Right as I walked in to this adorable store, I saw a cake with the Rio logo on it. I saw this as a good sign, it must be great right?

The atmosphere is elegant and it they put a lot of detail into their restaurant decor in SusieCakes. Every detail was thought of to make the place perfect.

The walls were painted blue and a giant chalk board was on the wall as soon as I walked in with colorful writing written.

All of their cakes are made completely from scratch with natural ingredients.

I was greeted by the very helpful personal cake decorator. Everyone at the store has a big smile on their faces.

They have a side table where you can design any cake with the help of an assistant and order it, which is great for birthdays and other events.

The servers were very helpful and wanted to talk to you, and very very genuine about it. There was no wait at all, I was able to walk in and get my cupcake with no problem.

This charming place sells cakes, cupcakes, pie, cookies, puddings. The cupcakes were delicious. The chocolate and vanilla and red velvet cupcakes are the best.

The frosting is very sweet and the cake was moist. SusieCakes is located in Pavilions, which is about a 12 minute drive from Rio.

It is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The pricing is pretty expensive, for cupcakes at least. It’s $3.25 for a single cupcake. A six inch cake is $36 and the prices just go up from there.

It’s a fun area to hang out in and there’s lots of seating available outside under pretty twinkling white lights. There’s also many other restaurants in Pavilions, which make it great to eat out with friends and then get a delicious dessert next door.

SusieCakes is a treat, I recommend anyone with a sweet tooth to go.