Orphan Breakfast House Review

Although written during the date provided, this article was republished during 2020 by Nicolas Gorman to put it on the website. The author is unknown.

On a brisk Saturday morning, line flowing out the door of people awaiting brunch, Orphan Breakfast House was inviting and smelt like heaven. Outside, the restaurant was different and cute, covered with vividly green vines and leaves which added to the uniqueness of the restaurant. Inside was very casual with smooth wooden tables and chairs and a coffee bar up front. The restaurant was jam packed with many families and couples out for brunch, giving the atmosphere a very loving and open tone.


Located on 3440 C Street, Orphan is about a 15 minute drive from Rio, making the all day breakfast house is a quick and easy drive away. Orphan is a cash or check only establishment. They do provide an ATM inside to assist those who do not have cash on them at the time. It is open 365 days a year from 7 AM to 2 PM. Monday through Friday, the establishment also serves lunch.


The name of this breakfast house derived from the term “orphan business”. According to Orphan, this term is used to indicate businesses that are not authorized, supported or funded by a larger entity: not part of a system; isolated; lacking commercial sponsors or commercial sponsorship.


The service was adequate and while the waiters and waitresses were extremely friendly and amiable, they could have been slightly more attentive to the tables they were in charge of. My waitress took around 5 to 10 minutes to first come over to my party and introduce herself and take drink orders. She then took another 10 to 15 minutes to return with our drinks and to take our orders. The food came to the table at a ordinary amount of time.


The food on the other hand, was delicious. My blueberry cornmeal pancakes tasted like perfection.  There was a large abundance of blueberries in each savory bite and plenty of pancakes as the dish came in a set of three, which completely filled out the plate. Each plate had a pretty presentation with a dark purple jelly and red jelly in squiggles around the food. The menu claims that the meal is served with fresh fruit when in reality, there was one strawberry and one blueberry on each plate.


Orphan is not an expensive restaurant if you are looking for a fulfilling and delicious breakfast.  The lowest priced item on the breakfast menu is a fruit cup for $2.00 while the most expensive dish is the Roast Beef Hash for $11.95. Most dishes cost around $9.00 to $10.00.


The breakfast menu ranges from french toast to regular pancakes to interesting and unique egg scrambles. If a vegan menu is preferred, a waiter or waitress will provide one when it is requested.