Insurgent Review


The second installment of the Divergent trilogy, Insurgent, has exceeded all my expectations and more.

The series follows a dystopian society in Chicago. The society is split into factions: Dauntless, the brave, Amity, the kind, Abnegation, the selfless, Candor, the honest, and Erudite, the intelligent. The second installment follows Tris’s journey, post Abnegation attack. Tris faces a series of obstacles in her way on her quest to find Jeanine, the leader of Erudite, and kill her.

Shailenne Woodley is Tris Prior. Woodley is a phenomenal actress who captures Tris’s character so well. She shows Tris’s struggles with her demons that haunt her in a light that really makes you feel for her, and also feel proud of her as she conquers every battle she faces.

Theo James is Four, Tris’s love interest. They make a total killer team and also have a really special relationship that is more than love, it is trust.

Miles Teller is Peter. He is my favorite part of the movie. Everytime he came on the screen his lines kept making me laugh.

“Miles did an amazing job of adding humor into the movie even though he played ‘the traitor’,” said Talya Kurzrock.

The screenplay was not the only thing that contributed to the humor in his lines, but the way he put the lines out there in a way I don’t think any other actor could do. The screenplay was good, but if it being based on accuracy to the book, it falls very short. A whole subplot revolving around a box that holds a secret message, was in not in the book. There was no mysterious box. I understand that movies are most likely not accurate to the book, but it seemed to really not follow the book at all, which can be frustrating for viewers who have read and love the series!

“I was extremely disappointed with the plot twist the movie added,” said Kurzrock. The series is dramatic and action packed enough without creating other ideas that stray from the novel.

The action and special effects were amazing, and I would definitely recommend seeing the movie in 3D because it adds a certain “wow” to the movie.

“I liked the visual effects like the shatter reality and how things dissolved in simulations,” said Kurzrock.

Insurgent was overall outstanding. The action, romance, and intrigue make this a must-see for everyone!