Katelyn Chandler Athlete Profile


How nice would it be to know exactly what you’re doing after high school, BEFORE you even finish your Junior year? Wouldn’t it be nice to have 80% of your college tuition paid for in order to do something that you love? Katelyn Chandler knows how nice it is, because both of those things are happening to her, for her love and talent in the realm of soccer.

Chandler, a BOCA player since she was five, has been wanted by the University of the Pacific since October last year when she went to a camp and was noticed by the coach. “I continued talking to the coach for a few months, but when I came back to the campus for another visit, I officially committed,” she said.

Chandler is not only noticed in club soccer, but in school soccer as well. A varsity player since her freshman year, Chandler was an important starter and one of the top scorers on the team. “Katelyn is a very important addition to the team,” said senior Lizzy Hubbard, “she has always performed above and beyond in the attacking third of the field.”

After tryouts this year, Chandler still held her starting position as a center forward. “This year should be really great,” she said. “We lost our first scrimmage on Wednesday, but we discovered our weaknesses and will come out stronger than ever in league.”

Chandler is a woman of many sports, making her not just an outstanding soccer player, but an outstanding athlete. She has played softball, tennis, and volleyball, but soccer is her passion.

Soccer is what made the University of the Pacific notice her, but when they picked her up they discovered she was good at more than just soccer – she was good at school as well. Because of that, they offered her an 80% scholarship to come to their school, making her college tuition payments strikingly low.

“I am very lucky,” said Chandler. “I love the school and what I’m going to be doing there, and they’re basically paying me to do what I love.” She has done great things in high school, and will continue doing great things in college.

If you want to see Chandler and other future college players doing what they love, come to some games. “Come out and see us play!” she said. This proudly committed Junior will rock league this year, and will rock her college when she gets there.