Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad
Purpose : Prepare for the Science Olympiad Regional/State competitions


Samantha (Sami) Koire
Samantha (Sami) Koire
Jake Tennant

President’s Name : Samantha (Sami) Koire
President’s email address :

Vice President’s Name : Jake Tennant
Vice President’s email address :
Secretary’s Name : Catherine Helmke
Treasurer’s Name : Elizabeth Helmke

Mr. Grupp

Advisor’s Name : Mr. Grupp
Advisor’s email address :

Who Can Join: Everyone interested in competing and/or learning new material
How to Join: @ Rush Week or at a weekly Friday lunch meeting
Meeting Dates (days of week or months) : Friday
Meeting Time (lunch, after school or specific time) : lunch
Meeting Location: J2
Expected time commitment (per week or month) : as fits your schedule
Important or Key dates (competition or event dates) : Regional: March 7, 2015 State: April 18, 2015
Club Category : Academic Competition Club

Last Modified on October 15, 2014