Rio Hangout Spots

A look into the popular resataurant, Jacks Urban Eats

A look into the popular resataurant, Jack’s Urban Eats

Jack's Urban Eats
Jack’s Urban Eats

Have you and your friends ever argued about where to hangout? Are you tired of hanging out at the same places you have been going to for a long time? Are you up for trying something new? Well, you came to the right article.

Sitting for 6 hours in a desk can be tedious and going home afterwards to start 5 hours of homework after reading Shakespeare for the 60th time can really be a buzzkill. It can be hard to change up the monotonous schedule of your school day, so to brighten your afternoon, try going to these hangout spots.

A local favorite, Loehmann’s Plaza, has a variety of interesting things to do. From picking up your dog’s favorite treats at Pet Food Express, to buying your favorite snacks at Save Mart, to even getting phone chargers at Radio Shack, there is an endless amount of activities you can do.

For many, Loehmann’s is the main hangout spot for one reason only… FOOD. With over 10 places to eat, ranging from Indian cuisine, to Mexican and to American, there’s so much to choose from. “I like to go to Chipotle because of their steak burritos,” said sophomore Parham Tonkaboni.

“My favorite place is Jack’s because the atmosphere is great,” said senior Ryan Clark, “they also have an array of great food to choose from.”

Due to the wide variety of food Loehmann’s offers, it becomes difficult to decide where to eat. “Picking between eating at Jack’s and Chipotle is always hard because they’re both so good,” said junior Danny Miller.

Loehmann’s may be the best spot to hangout during the week, but what about on the weekends? This sometime secret hangout spot is now more popular than ever. Heaven, a nickname for a spot in El Dorado Hills, is the perfect place to kickback with your friends or that special someone.

Heaven is the nickname for the spot where you can experience a breathtaking view of the entire city in its glory. Despite its mystic name, its not that hard to find. To get to Heaven take the US-50 E and take the E Bidwell St/ Scott Rd. Turn left onto E Bidwell. Turn right into Iron Point Rd.Turn left onto Empire Ranch Rd. Continue onto Sophia Pkwy. Turn right onto Alexandra Dr.  Turn onto Beatty Dr and Heaven will soon be in your sights.

When the sun is either rising or setting, it’s beauty is at its peak. “The overview of the city was just beautiful,” said junior Andrea Zapata. “Viewing the sunset there was so much prettier than it is when you’re home.”

This hangout spot is a perfect place to spend a calm night overlooking the city lights and, the moon and stars in the sky.

Whether you’re hungry or looking to be relaxed, Loehmann’s and Heaven are the two perfect hangout spots for you!