2020 Yearbook News

Staff seeks input from parents and students. Book and Senior Ad sales now open. Senior portrait deadline is Dec. 6


Rio Americano will have a yearbook in 2021! We are looking forward to presenting our students with a book in May that covers this unprecedented and historic year. We want to cover all Rio students in all aspects of their lives as they move through a school year like no other. We can’t do it without the help of the entire Rio Americano community. 

Photos and Story Ideas: 

We need students and parents to let us know about possible articles or student profiles and to send us photos that document the experiences of all our students. Please send us photos of your student (or encourage them to send their own) in any of the following:

  • Doing online learning or completing school assignments
  • Engaging in a hobby
  • Playing or practicing a sport (including non-school sports)
  • Playing an instrument or making art
  • Volunteering
  • Working
  • Participating in family activities
  • Traveling (including day trips to Tahoe, the beach etc.)
  • Anything else you can think of

The best way to get us photos is to upload them to hjeshare.com. The school code is 4540 (same as Rio’s address).  You can also email photos or a link to them to rioyearbook2021@gmail.com.  You can also send ideas for articles or student profiles to this email. 

You can also purchase a book or a senior ad at yearbookordercenter.com. The school code there is 7547. (Sorry, I don’t have an easy way to remember that, but you can look the school up by name.)

We want to include every senior in the senior tribute ad section, so we have lowered the prices of one-eighth page ads. Discounted and free ads are available for families who need a little extra help. Contact Michael Mahoney at mmahoney@sanjuan.edu if you have any questions. 

Seniors, make a reservation for a senior portrait at Prestige studio in Citrus Heights as soon as possible. Call (916) 535-7799 to make an appointment.