Rio Americano High School

The Mirada

Rio Americano High School

The Mirada

Rio Americano High School

The Mirada

The Importance of Mental Health in Sports

Melia Simons, Guest Writer September 28, 2021

Physical health is always a priority for professional athletes when competing at the very highest level of their sport. Clearly if you’re not at your best physically, competing with those who are will...

It’s My Gym Too

Angie Stevens, Editor April 15, 2021
The suffocating atmosphere of sweaty testosterone-pumping men and the invisible lines that many women feel nervous to cross at their gym, makes it extremely difficult to feel welcome.    

To beat the coronavirus, keep sports on hold

Ryan Lewis, Guest Writer March 12, 2021

The month is March in California, and in any normal year, high school spring sports would just be kicking off.  Did you get the catch though?  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably already...

Skateboarding was one of Micah Roths favorite activities during the Covid-19 shut down.

How Skateboarding Can Help You Through The Pandemic 

Natalia Hurtzig-Lopez, Guest Writer March 10, 2021

Times can be hard when you are home all day due to the pandemic when you are sitting in your room in your thoughts. In November, I was going through a hard time. I had no motivation to get out of bed or...

Why do Ski Bums Ski?

Abby Armstrong , Guest Writer February 28, 2021

Who thought skiing was a good idea? It is expensive, dangerous, and freezing. I mean attaching two pieces of plastic to your feet with uncomfortable boots and then speeding down steep mountains is not...

Especially in the Midst of a Global Pandemic, Children Need Sports

Sierra Witte, Guest Writer February 22, 2021

In the midst of a global pandemic, many things are uncertain. Especially as the months drag on and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. One way we can make the situation better for children is implementing...

Jules Bianchi and the Importance of the Halo

Nate Schallmo, Guest Writer December 15, 2020

On Sunday, November 29, the Formula One world experienced something it had not seen in years. A fireball engulfing a guillotined Haas car. For the driver, Romain Grosjean, a 7 kilo piece of aerospace-grade...

College athletes should be paid

Adam Levine, Guest Writer November 7, 2020

College athletes are unpaid employees. The NCAA brings in over $1 billion a year and not one cent ever sees a student athlete. College athletes should be compensated for their hard work and devotion to...

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