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Why the Supreme Court Needs Term Limits

Surina Naran, Guest Writer September 1, 2022

May 1, 2022 What is the most powerful branch of the United States government?    We might feel inclined to say the executive branch. Here sits the president, the most powerful person in...

Should the SAT and ACT be abolished?

Sierra Reed, Guest Writer August 11, 2022

A perfect SAT score. 36. A perfect ACT score. These two scores alone help determine a student’s academic and career path. Being a high school student myself, I constantly think about my future after...

A screenshot from the Black and Missing Foundation website shows the disproportionate number of missing people who are persons of color. The foundation notes that most media attention focuses on missing white women. Source: Black and Missing Foundation

Gabby Petito: Another Case of “Missing White Woman Syndrome”

Olivia Schlieman, Guest Writer November 30, 2021

Yes: Gabby Petito was murdered. Yes: she deserves justice. Yes: the public has a right to investigate. No: she is not the only one.  Nearly 40 percent of missing persons in the US are people of color....

Teenage Sleep Deprivation

Sydney Yelton, Guest Writer October 27, 2021

Official studies from the CDC health department states that teenagers should be sleeping eight to 10 hours every night, although 73% of teenagers get less than this recommended amount. Most teenage students...

Handwriting has been shown to aid conceptual thinking.

I wish I Could Have Written This by Hand

Darya Pahlavan, Guest Writer April 20, 2021

I won’t sugarcoat it. My handwriting is bad. I’ve tried to deny this in the past, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will never have the ability to write in beautiful fonts. I know...

Conspiracy Theories: Social Media’s Next Big Headache

Ajeeth Iyer, Guest Writer April 12, 2021

“Oh, Nancy! Nancy! Where are you, Nancy?” shouted a rioter, as he and hundreds of others hunted for members of Congress during the January 6 Capitol riots. As I watched on TV the acts of terrorism...

Stricter gun laws save lives

Alyssa Diaz, Mirada Staff April 9, 2021

Gun violence is felt everywhere in America. On Nov. 27, Rio’s community fell victim to gun violence.  Dewayne James Jr. and his younger brother Sa’quan Reed-James were shot and killed at Arden...

Capitalism Isnt Working--But It Can be Saved

Capitalism Isn’t Working–But It Can be Saved

Darya Pahlavan, Guest Writer March 28, 2021

American’s pride themselves on the economic freedom that comes with capitalism. What’s not to love? It brings efficiency, innovation, economic growth and more. While it is ingrained in every American...

The US cannot ignore trouble in Haiti

The US cannot ignore trouble in Haiti

Claire Fouché, Guest Writer March 20, 2021
My aunt risks her life every day to go to work. My cousins cannot go to school. They survive in fear, every day. This is the current reality of living in Haiti. 

The ‘Yellow Peril’ Reborn

Ruth-Mary Shackelford, Guest Writer March 15, 2021
I see my friends and family harassed, their grandparents slain or in pain.
Editorial: Why Rio needs to return to in-person learning

Editorial: Why Rio needs to return to in-person learning

Editorial Board March 10, 2021

About a year ago COVID-19 hit the United States by storm, and many students, including myself, were thrust into the world of social distancing and online learning. At first I was excited to take some time...

Keep going with distance learning until it’s safe to return

Hannah Lee, Guest Writer March 8, 2021

School districts plan on reopening soon in this school year. San Juan has announced plans to switch to hybrid learning on March 22, if the Sacramento County infection rate falls to an acceptable level,...

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