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I Think I Love You Book Review

Jaiden Crabtree, Mirada Staff January 12, 2022

“I Think I Love You,” the debut novel from Auriane Desombre that was published earlier this year, tells a familiar story of new-found teenage love but adds plenty of twists.  This enemies-to-lovers...

Should MLB Players Who Used PEDs Be Allowed In The Hall Of Fame?

Gavin Dormann, Guest Writer December 8, 2021

With MLB Hall Of Fame induction coming up, it is still in question whether players who used Performance Enhancing Drugs should be allowed into the Hall Of Fame. From around 1998 to 2003, players in the...

Gabby Petito: Another Case of “Missing White Woman Syndrome”

Olivia Schlieman, Guest Writer November 30, 2021

Yes: Gabby Petito was murdered. Yes: she deserves justice. Yes: the public has a right to investigate. No: she is not the only one.  Nearly 40 percent of missing persons in the US are people of color....

Art by Kinu Blackwelder

SB 8 disregards standard health rights

Grace Ann Lesser, Mirada Staff October 11, 2021

On Sep. 1, Texas State Senate Bill 8, known as the Texas Heartbeat Act, went into effect. Passed in May of this year, this bill prohibits the performance of abortions if the fetus’ heartbeat can be detected,...

Season 52: Seasonal Flop or Seasonal Saint?

Jaiden Crabtree, Mirada Staff September 20, 2021

Seasons 52 is a well-received restaurant according to the locals online, but just how good is it really? In my opinion, the reviews weren’t lying. I’ve been multiple times and it seems like every...

Spaying and Neutering: The Undisputed Answer 

Spaying and Neutering: The Undisputed Answer 

Lydia Ellis, Guest Writer May 13, 2021

Take a walk down the crowded rows of an animal shelter to see just how serious the pet overpopulation problem in the U.S. remains. Sadly, we have reached a point where there’s controversy over whether...

Morning Melodies

Morning Melodies

Sierra Witte May 12, 2021

“I tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen / Pour myself a cup of ambition / Yawn and stretch and try to come to life.” The opening lyrics from this iconic Dolly Parton song “9 to 5” accompany...

Handwriting has been shown to aid conceptual thinking.

I wish I Could Have Written This by Hand

Darya Pahlavan, Guest Writer April 20, 2021

I won’t sugarcoat it. My handwriting is bad. I’ve tried to deny this in the past, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will never have the ability to write in beautiful fonts. I know...

Conspiracy Theories: Social Media’s Next Big Headache

Ajeeth Iyer, Guest Writer April 12, 2021

“Oh, Nancy! Nancy! Where are you, Nancy?” shouted a rioter, as he and hundreds of others hunted for members of Congress during the January 6 Capitol riots. As I watched on TV the acts of terrorism...

Stricter gun laws save lives

Alyssa Diaz, Mirada Staff April 9, 2021

Gun violence is felt everywhere in America. On Nov. 27, Rio’s community fell victim to gun violence.  Dewayne James Jr. and his younger brother Sa’quan Reed-James were shot and killed at Arden...

Capitalism Isnt Working--But It Can be Saved

Capitalism Isn’t Working–But It Can be Saved

Darya Pahlavan, Guest Writer March 28, 2021

American’s pride themselves on the economic freedom that comes with capitalism. What’s not to love? It brings efficiency, innovation, economic growth and more. While it is ingrained in every American...

The US cannot ignore trouble in Haiti

The US cannot ignore trouble in Haiti

Claire Fouché, Guest Writer March 20, 2021
My aunt risks her life every day to go to work. My cousins cannot go to school. They survive in fear, every day. This is the current reality of living in Haiti. 
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