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Betsy Devos endangers American education

Emma Phoenix, Staff Writer

June 2, 2017

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Public school. It is something that all of us at Rio have in common. A public school by definition is a school supported by public funds. But in reality, public schools are so much more than that. They are a place for freedom of s...

Is Pumpkin Spice Overrated?

Kaitlyn Shellooe, Mirada Staff Writer

December 6, 2016

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Pumpkin spice has been a symbol of fall since Starbucks introduced the Pumpkin Spice Latte 13 years ago. There are over hundreds of pumpkin spice products that are made.  Stores like Starbucks and Trader Joe’s advertised t...

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

April 6, 2016

Rio Americano High School