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China’s Power to Silence Hong Kong Reaches Far

Jolie Barnard, Guest Writer

October 16, 2020

While the voices of Hong Kong continue to resonate globally, in homes like mine and throughout the Chinese-American community, many of us sit in silence. Why? It's due in part to the culture that has trickled down from Chinese society, a mindset that Chinese immigrants have carried along with them....

Why Are My People Excluded From My Textbook?

Metzli Lemus, Guest Writer

October 15, 2020

My eyes were teary when I walked into the living room of my house. My whole life, I was raised in an Indigenous community. This year, as I entered my junior year of high school, there was excitement throughout my house: excitement to see what I would be learning this year in my AP US History class. Fast...

Racism Against Asian-Americans is Nothing New

Jae Yeon Lee, Guest Writer

October 14, 2020

I am not new to the racism and discrimination against Asian Americans that has originated from the coronavirus. I was born in Seoul, South Korea. My family immigrated to the United States in 2008, making me a first-generation immigrant. I enrolled in the American public school system and had perfect...

Distance Learning’s Schedule Should Outlast Zoom

Marina Demas, Guest Writer

October 12, 2020

What if I told you that an aspect of online school should stick past the pandemic? Few would want to continue with the monotonous Zoom calls, but who wouldn’t want to keep that extra hour of sleep and the additional time between classes? Due to COVID-19, Rio has moved the school start time back...

Put Down Your Phone–If You Can–And Watch “The Social Dilemma”

Put Down Your Phone--If You Can--And Watch

Angie Stevenson

October 11, 2020

Every day, I wake up and before my eyes even adjust to the morning light or I drag myself out of bed, I instantly reach for my phone.  My fingers almost unconsciously tap into Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok, where I begin scrolling aimlessly through my feeds.  Scrolling, liking, tapping.  Scrolling,...

California vs. Climate Change

California vs. Climate Change

Sierra Ferguson, Guest Writer

October 9, 2020

Our daily lives consist of going outside to participate in activities or just to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but recently this has been impossible due to the overwhelming amount of smoke in the air. California is known for its droughts and its yearly wildfires but this year we have been ravaged...

Vote the Electoral College Out of Office

Information guides are sent out to all registered voters in California prior to the election to ensure that all voters are provided with the information they need to make informed decisions. The guide contains information about all candidates and propositions on the ballot this year.

Emma Hutchinson, Mirada Staff

September 17, 2020

The Electoral College is outdated, pointless, and should be abolished.  When the Electoral College was created in the Constitution of the United States in 1787, it was the result of a divisive controversy between the Founding Fathers.  One group felt that Congress should have nothing to do w...

Gender Reveal Parties-Seriously?

Gender Reveal Parties-Seriously?

Joseph Bender, Mirada Staff

September 9, 2020

A fad is a fad. A fad that is ridiculous, dangerous and destructive is a gender reveal party. Thanks to this concept, over 10,000 acres have burned in Southern California at this writing, not to count past disasters that included a death. The person who popularized the trend has herself since condem...

Seniors Unhappy With Virtual Graduation

Seniors Unhappy With Virtual Graduation

Synia Thrower, Mirada Staff

May 6, 2020

Graduation Update Despite negative feedback from students and parents regarding graduation, the district has continued to move on with plans for virtual graduation. It will air on YouTube on June 9 2020. × Dismiss alert For high school students, graduation is the reward at the end of their adolescent e...

Students Have Trouble Adapting to New Online Classes

Students Have Trouble Adapting to New Online Classes

Sumaya Mayaar, Guest Writer

May 6, 2020

Since school closed because of COVID-19, the district switched to online classes. It is hard for students to adapt to this new way of learning. Students have trouble teaching themselves and easily get stressed and are not mentally and emotionally ready for teaching themselves. Stressing over their...

Gen Z Takes Over

Senior Cade Johnson checking his social media networks during passing period in the hallway.

Annalee Gorman, Mirada Staff

May 1, 2020

Generation Z, the “iPhone” generation, does not have a reputable reputation amongst other generations. Born between 1997-2010, Gen Z makes up 25 percent of America’s most diverse population so far. But what most don’t know, is how crucial this generation’s role is for the future. Studies ...

Teacher Shares His Concerns

Adam Bearson, English and Video Production teacher at Rio Americano

Adam Bearson, Guest Writer

April 21, 2020

Some people believe that I should focus on the Teacher’s Union’s decision to change the grading policy. These people believe that I should direct my “anger” at the union for putting teachers and students in this position. Of course it may be natural to feel angry, and I understand why people wan...

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