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Seniors Re-evaluate College Plans Due to Pandemic

Rio Seniors celebrate future plans after college. Some members switched colleges as more information was released and others follow the path they always dreamed of.

Annalee Gorman and Emma Hutchinson

June 11, 2020

Making the decision of where to go to college is already filled with uncertainty and this year is no different. But, there’s more for the Class of 2020 seniors to think about.  The coronavirus pandemic has left seniors wondering whether they will attend college in person in the fall, and if not, ho...

Life in a Mask

Senior Samantha Klein wears a mask on one of her walks outside, enjoying the fresh air.

Katelyn Newton, Mirada Staff

June 1, 2020

No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.  The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has prompted many to purchase or make their own masks for the safety of themselves and those around them. Many counties, cities and businesses in California have mandated that citizens or customers wear a mask when in public...

UC Regents Vote to Drop SAT, ACT

Student resources for college preparation. Competitive schools like UC San Diego and UCLA no longer require the SAT for admissions.

Katelyn Newton, Mirada Staff

May 29, 2020

After a two year research effort evaluating the effectiveness of standardized tests, the University of California Regents unanimously voted on May 21 to retract the SAT/ ACT requirement for California applicants until 2024. While students in the class of 2021-2022 have the option to submit test scor...

What You Don’t Know About Rio

What You Don't Know About Rio

Nicolas Gorman, Mirada Staff

May 22, 2020

Rio Americano High School What you don't know The Senior Building Ever wondered what this house-like structure is doing in the back of our school? This building has been here for decades, but the exact date it was built is unknown. It used to be a place where senior citizens would take classes abou...

CSU’s Move to Online Instruction

Usually busy, the California State University, Sacramento Welcome Center is empty.

Emma Hutchinson, Mirada Staff

May 16, 2020

Update on California Universities While the California State Universities (CSU) and Community Colleges (CCC) have opted for online course of study this fall, the University of California (UC) schools will be taught in-person. × Dismiss alert The California State University system comprises 23 c...

COVID-19 Affects Teen Mental Health

COVID-19 Affects Teen Mental Health

Aaron Ichel and Annalee Gorman

May 8, 2020

With the country on lockdown, people across the world are experiencing changes in their mental health, including students. Two students in the Natomas School District on Apr. 7 took their own lives. With growing anxiety over the COVID-19 quarantine, health officials have expressed concern over the stud...

Gov. Newsom Raises Many Questions for California’s Students, Educators and Communities

A dispersed Rio Americano classroom during AP testing last May

Emma Hutchinson, Mirada Staff

May 5, 2020

Gov. Newsom’s announcement that California schools could be back in session as soon as July has left parents, students, teachers, and government officials with many unanswered questions. No decisions have officially been made, Newsom said, but noted that California officials are looking at the be...

Census Incentivizes Participation

Census Incentivizes Participation

Annalee Gorman, Mirada Staff

May 1, 2020

With billions of dollars in federal spending and a congressional seat at stake, the 2020 U.S. census is causing California to count some of its residents twice.  California has set aside $187 million—the most money of any state--to ensure high participation rates in the census.  Dr. Kristina Victo...

Teens Find Ways to Stay Positive During Quarantine

A bike rider enjoys a sunny day in April.

Emily Borg, Mirada Staff

May 1, 2020

Out of school and unable to see friends because of social distancing rules that are intended to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, many teens find it challenging to stay positive--but they are also rising to the challenge.Sophomore Allison Reboin is no exception. “Some of the challenges that I ...

Students, Staff Debate on Grading Policy for the Spring Term

While the switch to distanced learning poses challenges for some, others demand grades for their work throughout the semester. The district's decision has sparked conflicting opinions: those supporting the default credit/no credit and those supporting the right to petition for letter grades.

Katelyn Newton and Jada Bailey

April 28, 2020

Reversing its previous policy of offering only credit/no credit grades for the spring semester, the San Juan Unified School District will now allow students to petition for grades. Students and parents who appealed to the district for a letter grade option applauded this change, however many staff memb...

Plant Closure Not Expected to Affect Yearbook Delivery

Plant Closure Not Expected to Affect Yearbook Delivery

Mickey Doolittle, Mirada Staff

April 18, 2020

The yearbook staff completed work on the 2020 Tesoro earlier this week, but printing of the book won't begin until April 27--at the earliest. The Herff Jones printing plant in Kansas closed on March 23 as part of the shutdowns across the country to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. The plant...

SJUSD To Allow Letter Grades

SJUSD To Allow Letter Grades

Nicolas Gorman and Emily Borg

April 18, 2020

Aligning itself with other area school districts, the San Juan district changed its grade policy Friday to allow students to receive letter grades. Previously, the district had announced that as classes resumed online and "to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 response," the only grade teachers would...

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