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Season 52: Seasonal Flop or Seasonal Saint?

Jaiden Crabtree, Mirada Staff September 20, 2021

Seasons 52 is a well-received restaurant according to the locals online, but just how good is it really? In my opinion, the reviews weren’t lying. I’ve been multiple times and it seems like every...

Graduation 2021

Graduation 2021

June 8, 2021

The cheer team waves their pom-poms at passing seniors.

Senior Awards Drive Thru Event

Katelyn Newton, Mirada Staff May 19, 2021

Senior wins city video production award

Taylor White, Mirada Staff May 2, 2021

The winner of the 2021 SEVA Documentary Award was senior Jenna Sheppard. The category was to make an informal documentary about anything that is connected with education or teens.  Sheppard took the...

The French toast is presented beautifully, including sides of yogurt and granola and seasonal fresh fruit. Considering the generous portions, the prices are very reasonable with entrees averaging $10-12.

French food flourishes in Fair Oaks

Emma Hutchinson, Mirada Staff April 23, 2021

Situated in the heart of quaint Old Fair Oaks Village, the bright green O Cafe restaurant is the perfect place to grab some fresh-baked pastries, a handcrafted coffee, or a delicious meal while watching...

Julia Florentino, who sells items on  Depop, worries about how fast fashion harms the environment.

Turning thrifting into a business

Angie Stevens, Staff Writer April 22, 2021

Thrift stores, packed tightly with racks and racks of musty old clothing, all holding the potential to be someone’s lucky find, are where Julia Florentino spends a majority of her time.  On the lookout...

Handwriting has been shown to aid conceptual thinking.

I wish I Could Have Written This by Hand

Darya Pahlavan, Guest Writer April 20, 2021

I won’t sugarcoat it. My handwriting is bad. I’ve tried to deny this in the past, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will never have the ability to write in beautiful fonts. I know...

Young Progressives make an impact

Joseph Bender April 13, 2021

Political forces from all over the nation converged on Georgia during the campaign for the Senate runoff elections in January, but most reports have overlooked one powerhouse: Rio's Young Progressives...

Operation Varsity Blues: The Disturbing Reality of College Admissions

Operation Varsity Blues: The Disturbing Reality of College Admissions

Aaron Ichel, Mirada Staff April 7, 2021

While there have been countless college admission scandals over the years, none have been quite like the 2019 Varsity Blues scandal--- the largest of its kind ever to be prosecuted by the Department of...

First Person: A family trip to Boise puts life in perspective

Olivia Lynch April 1, 2021

I know it’s easy to say that the past COVID-centric and obsessed year has thrown most people off their game and has changed many people’s life trajectories in big and little ways, but I now know from...

First Person: A Duck Hunter’s Life

Zachary Carson  April 1, 2021

Throughout my life, I have always grown up in the outdoors. Spanning all the way from mudding to hunting I have been through it and done it. The one thing that sticks with me to this day is hunting. Constantly...

First Person: The Day that I Got My First Guitar 

David Bogle April 1, 2021

When quarantine started, I saw it as a nice break from school and life. However, that mindset only stayed with me for less than a month; within a matter of days, I went from my newfound relaxed, lazy state,...

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