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Picking up the Pizzas: School attempts to meat USDA standards

May 15, 2018

School lunches all across the country have been changing in order to meet the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) requirements. These requirements state that students must receive a healthy lunch when purchased at school. This shift began happening soon after Michelle Obama became the fir...

Gals and Lads prepare for Gala

February 4, 2018

Every school has their version of dance where the roles are reversed and the girl asks the boy to be her date to the dance. It’s referred to by different names such as Sadie Hawkins or TWIRP, but none compare to our own Gala dance. This year’s Rio Americano High School Gala is tonight at 8pm....

Teen Trends at Rio Americano

Teen Trends at Rio Americano

Katherine Borg and Molly Gherini

June 2, 2017

Rio students who love their iPhones, Chipotle and Adidas reflect the tastes of their generation according a recent survey of teen shopping habits Piper Jaffray. The semi annual survey polled 6,500 middle and upper income teens across 46 states. A survey by the Mirada found that students here shar...

Campus Facilities Graded a C-

Campus Facilities Graded a C-

James Ly, Mirada Staff

March 14, 2014

C minus. That’s the grade the school’s facilities received from the DLS, the consulting firm hired by the district to evaluate needed renovations around the district. Repairs noted in the report will be reviewed by an oversight committee, and selected renovations would be funded by Measure N, a $35...

Student aids typhoon survivors

Student aids typhoon survivors

Maddie Dickman, Mirada Staff

January 16, 2014

The devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines last month deves- tated coastal communities. This di- saster, though, received support all around the world, from the UN to students at Rio. While many groups collected re- lief funds, one student went further. Zach Deleon, a 17-year-old ju...

Key Club keys into giving season

Key Club keys into giving season

Michael Tan, Mirada Staff

January 16, 2014

Students from Rosemont, El Camino, and Rio Americano came together last weekend to give kids with sick parents a spe- cial day. Just For Kids, a Key Club event, took place Dec. 14 from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at El Cami- no’s Band Room. “JFK stands for Just For Kids, and it is a program spo...

Two seniors work toward scholarships

Ivy Reich, Mirada Staff

December 15, 2013

Senior Paul Geyer had done absolutely everything to prepare for his next upcoming game.  He grabbed all his gear, and made his way to the field.  As Geyer walked through the doors, he looked around and took in every second. He was getting the chance to play at Anfield, Liverpool’s home stadium. ...

The evils of child pageants

Jane Nathan, Guest Writer

December 14, 2013

For many years, I believed that parents should not dictate how children should lives their lives, but I was oblivious. It had not occurred to me the importance of a good structural foundation, until I witnessed the alternative extreme, apparent in child beauty pageants.  It occurred to me, while wa...

Ski resorts open for business

Sebastian Buras and Adam Kincer

December 13, 2013

Major ski resorts are finally opening up for the season, making the dream of skiing or snowboarding a reality once again. Students at the school are getting geared up and are ready to go to their favorite resorts. One of these students is Gwendolyn Giles, a senior who has been skiing for 14 years: since she...

Playathon 2013 Review

Ciara Freitas, Mirada Staff

December 12, 2013

Students sit in awe listening to the music that the band program has spent months practicing on. The festiveness of the day has everyone excited and ready for the end of the school day so that they can listen to all the bands that they missed out on and the fun games that follow. This years thirty-fift...

Breaking new ground

Sebastian Buras, Mirada Staff

December 12, 2013

Varsity soccer player Emmanuel Bautista-Dizon was set up for the easy pass. He was about to trap the ball when it bounced sharply upward off the lip of a gopher hole. The consequence: well, let’s just say that he hurt more than his pride in not being able to play the ball. Not only has Bautista-Dizo...

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