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Rio Americano High School

The Mirada

Rio Americano High School

The Mirada

New survey and information for graduation

Joseph Bender, Mirada Staff April 21, 2021

Seniors should fill out a survey by May 7 listing the names of the guests they plan to invite to their graduation. Students who do not respond to the survey will not be allowed to attend their graduation. The...

Young Progressives make an impact

Joseph Bender April 13, 2021

Political forces from all over the nation converged on Georgia during the campaign for the Senate runoff elections in January, but most reports have overlooked one powerhouse: Rio's Young Progressives...

Right-wing extremists besiege Capitol, death toll reaches 5

Right-wing extremists besiege Capitol, death toll reaches 5

Joseph Bender, Mirada Staff January 11, 2021

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, a mob forced its way into the US Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from confirming that Joe Biden will replace Donald Trump as president. Since then, information has continued...

Racism is not just the “White Man’s Burden”

Ruth-Mary Shackelford, Guest Writer January 9, 2021

In America, we have a unique population, a melting pot of cultures. There is no doubt that Americans of European descent hold the most power in business, politics and government. They created the game,...

Ditch meat now

Lydia Ellis, Guest Writer December 12, 2020

Let’s all take a moment to remember why schools are closed, families and friends are separated, and people are dying daily: COVID-19.  This disease likely stemmed from the meat industry.  COVID-19...

Hybrid Instruction Postponed

Hybrid Instruction Postponed

Mirada Staff December 9, 2020

San Juan schools will continue in distance learning until further notice.  "Given the trend in health data in recent weeks, district staff have determined that it is unlikely Sacramento County can...

Image provided by Simon and Schuster.

“Black Sun” Shines Bright

Joseph Bender, Mirada Staff December 2, 2020

If you want a fantasy world based on American Indian culture, with crows, mesas, and backstabbing intrigue, "Black Sun" by Rebecca Roanhorse is for you.  Tova is the center of the universe. Four clans...

America’s schools need to change: Here’s how

Caroline Crow, Guest Writer November 15, 2020

The American education system is setting its students up for failure.  Pressure is put on students to get good grades and get into college. They are taught how to learn facts and memorize them for...

College athletes should be paid

Adam Levine, Guest Writer November 7, 2020

College athletes are unpaid employees. The NCAA brings in over $1 billion a year and not one cent ever sees a student athlete. College athletes should be compensated for their hard work and devotion to...

Go Make Your Bed

Go Make Your Bed

Annie Weeden, Guest Writer November 2, 2020

Go back in your head like you are rewinding your morning on your television.  You open your eyes to the obnoxious ding! ding! of your alarm clock and probably stay in bed for a while until your feet...

To the Polls!

To the Polls!

Joseph Bender, Mirada Staff October 26, 2020

Reserve me a hospital bed and prepare to bear me home on my shield like the Greek warriors of old. I'm working at the polls this November. If I knew what to expect, I would be in line for some easy...

Chinas Concentration Camps Are a Crime Against Humanity

China’s Concentration Camps Are a Crime Against Humanity

Sumaya Albadani, Guest Writer October 26, 2020

"Vocational Education and Training Centers," better known as Muslim concentration camps, have been in place in the Xinjiang region of western China since 2017 as a way for the Chinese government to control...

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