The Mirada

2015-2016 Staff

Michael Mahoney

I was the worst player on the best football team in all of New York, in high school.

Sophia Morton

I love Lilo & Stitch and chocolate.

Ted Giberson

I've been doing this since the 80's.

Arnie Jacobo

I worked at Subway. Eat Fresh.

Nicholas Wilson

I play baseball.

Jacob Vujovich

I survived cancer when I was younger.

Clayton Towle

I have hit a car and walked away with out a scratch.  

Spencer Summerhays

I am half Tahitian.

Rebecca Smith

I'm on J.V. volleyball.

Kaitlyn Shellooe

I like turtles.

Nathan Rubinoff

I do wrestling.

Natalie Rochman

I like to sing even though I can not sing, at all.

Cole Ramazzini

My initials spell the word C.A.R.

Tammey Ondrey

I danced in a German school musical as a monkey.

Laurel Newland

I get mistaken for a freshman once a week.

Jane Nathan

I'm like terrified of cheese.

Alexander Muegge

I was here last year.

Madison Loft

I love to sing.

Katherine Huggins

I can say the alphabet backwards.

Taylor Gowan

I've watch Jurassic Park over 12 times. I can recite 25 elements.

Garrett Gardner

I run Rio cross country and track long distance.

Zatunia Corhn

I love to paint.

Natalie Clausen

I surf and play the ukulele.

Sandhya Bhaskar

I can speak two languages.

Parisa Anderson

I like to sing and play the guitar.

Kaia Anderson

I can play the ukulele.

Athena Acevedo

I was one pound when I was born.