• Remembering Mayla McArdle

    Remembering Mayla McArdle

    Josh Davis, Guest Writer

    “When something like this happens, I pray very hard to make heads or tails of it… she went on to a place where she could be a guardian angel. She will always be young. She will always be beautiful. And I personally feel safer knowing she’s up there on my side.” -Annelle (Steel Magnolias) I still can’t fully comprehend what has happened, and I don’t know if I ...

    Mayla McArdle (center) portrays Mother Road in Tar and Feathers with senior Josh Davis (left) and alumnus Mitchell Worrell-Olsen (right).

    Rachel Berhman

  • Senior raises suicide awareness with personal story at forum

    Senior raises suicide awareness with personal story at forum

    Katherine Borg, Editor-in-Chief

    Senior Carolyn Lidster walks to the podium determined and ready to make a change when she begins her senior project. Lidster organized a school forum about suicide on Oct. 17. Lidster organized this forum for her CIVITAS senior project and was moved to choose this as her project after the death of her friend and former Rio student Bre White. “Bre was the most talented,...

    Senior Carolyn Lidster speaks at her forum about suicide as a part of her senior project for Civitas.

  • Teens rely more on use of social media, and it’s raising anxiety

    Teens rely more on use of social media, and it’s raising anxiety

    Sarah Sault and Margaret O'Brien

    In second period, freshman Hailie Mcardle rushes to her seat before the bell rings. She checks her phone one last time before the teacher comes in to see if she has any new snaps or texts since she last checked five minutes ago. “I’ll just glance down all the time during class and I’ll see I got a Snapchat from this person, and then I’ll check it and then respond,”...

    Senior Cade Johnson checking his social media networks during passing period in the hallway.

    Nick Alvarez

  • Birth Control: Destroy the Myth

    Birth Control: Destroy the Myth

    Katherine Borg, Molly Gherini, and Kaitlyn Shellooe

    The first birth control made was called Enviod and was created in 1960 when health educator and birth control activist Margaret Sanger raised $150,000 to conduct the research necessary to create this pill. In 1960, Enviod was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Five years later, the Supreme Court issued married couples the right to use the pill, ironically denying...

  • Girls tennis team serves up wins at section tournament

    Girls tennis team serves up wins at section tournament

    Alex Muegge and Gianna Arcolino

    The women’s varsity tennis team won first place in their league this year and are headed to sections. Their assistant coach Gina Costello, also a biology and physiology teacher on campus, has high hopes going into the matches. “We are in first place [in division II], undefeated, and seated high in sections,” said Costello. The team does not plan to put in any...

    Women’s varsity tennis hold up the number one as they finish first in league play Oct. 19.

    Gianna Arcolino

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Rights vs. Riots: The Debate over Gun Control

Rebecca Smith, Opinion Editor

November 9, 2017

Gun control remains a hotly debated topic. The Mirada investigates both sides.

A Relic of the Past in the Present

Nick Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief

November 9, 2017

The First Amendment provides freedom of speech in all forms, whether that be written, spoken, or worn on a body. How much freedom does this guarantee us? Quite a bit, except...

Truth or Whale app raises concerns

Emma Riley, Staff Writer

November 9, 2017

There are apps for sharing stories, making videos, and now there is one that will push you to the edge of your life. Blue Whale is an app based on the movie Nerve, that came...

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Matadors get gored in homecoming game
Girls to open playoffs at home

Chris Sampo, Staff Writer
November 13, 2017

Rio’s very own super fan

Nick Keller, Sports Editor
November 9, 2017