• Skater Dasha Kovalenko glides to gold medals

    Skater Dasha Kovalenko glides to gold medals

    Annalee Gorman, Staff Writer

    At four every morning, Junior Dasha Kovalenko wakes up to skate for her two hour figure skating practice at Skatetown in Roseville. She has been skating since she was six years old after her mom took her to the rink for fun. “After that, I never wanted to leave the ice. I fell in love with it and eventually took it up as a sport,” said Kovalenko. Despite the early practice t...

  • Senior Andrew Wilson hopes DJ career is in the mix

    Senior Andrew Wilson hopes DJ career is in the mix

    Isa Meardle, Staff Writer

    A lot of people have aspirations to be something great, and senior Andrew Wilson is attempting to turn these aspirations into a reality, one song at a time. Wilson first got his inspiration in middle school when he would watch his favorite Minecraft youtubers. “It was probably 7th grade and I was really into watching youtube videos,” Wilson said. “A lot of the videos...

  • Athletes compete against dress codes

    Athletes compete against dress codes

    Katie Newton, Mirada Staff

    A recent disagreement on the cross country team sparked a new question: is there a school sports dress code? Many people have an opinion about the dress code at school, but when it comes to athletics, students have never been told what to wear aside from their coach’s requirements. In early September, cross country athletes returned from their run dripping in sweat, no shi...

    Sophomore Lucy Prieto and Freshman Josie Perez run on the levee at practice. Photo by Jane Snider



    Rebecca Smith and Luke Richards

    School rivalries unite student sections and build excitement for upcoming games, but the question how far is too far is a concern many schools have. The recent Jesuit vs. Rio football game sparked a heated Twitter battle between the two school’s accounts. Through videos and comments, the two schools hype up the game. “We try to advertise the game as much as possible thr...

  • Sutherland Heading to Fresno State

    Sutherland Heading to Fresno State

    Rebecca Smith and Mickey Doolittle, Mirada Staff

    Senior Matthew Sutherland committed to Fresno State this summer after playing competitive golf for six years. Following his commitment, Sutherland traveled throughout Northern California for several tournaments. In June he competed in Stockton. “I was four shots back going into the day and ended up winning by six,” said Sutherland. “It was the best round of golf I’ve...

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