• School to offer AP Capstone

    School to offer AP Capstone

    Alex Lydon and Kat Eyraud

    Rio is introducing two new Advanced Placement programs next year that will allow students to develop research skills and dig into their own research on real world issues, possibly leading to the AP Capstone diploma. The classes that make up the AP Capstone program are AP Seminar and AP Research. According to the College Board, which designed the program and owns AP test...

  • PAC not a “theater”

    PAC not a “theater”

    Alex Muegge, Editor-in-Chief

    The new theater should not be called a theater. The title of “theater” implies that the venue can comfortably house dramatic performances, which is not the case. Band’s new performing arts center does not having dressing rooms. Easily accessible dressing rooms are necessary for theater because they enable the cast to achieve quick costume changes during performances. In...

  • Millions post against sexual assault

    Millions post against sexual assault

    Rebecca Smith, Opinion Editor

    Several sexual harassment cases that had previously been swept under the rug are coming to light in recent political and Hollywood scandals, and the #MeToo phenomena is helping those brave women know they aren’t alone, they are the voice of millions. The hashtag started trending after a number of women came forward expressing their accounts with film producer, Harvey...

  • Reputation: the new King of My Heart

    Reputation: the new King of My Heart

    Katherine Borg, Editor-in-Chief

    Are you ready for this? Taylor Swift released her sixth album titled reputation on Nov. 10. Swift has remained in hiding for a while now, an attempt to escape after the mega-drama that often surrounds her life. It’s clear that in her time hiding from the spotlight, she had some time of self reflection. Swift has been beaten down by the haters, and for the past year...

  • Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Teams Claim Titles

    Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Teams Claim Titles

    Andrew Espinoza, Guest Writer

    Hoping to continue the legacy of the team dove head first into the oncoming season. With the combined efforts of both head coaches Eric Johnson and John Price the boys were able to continue the legacy and more. This year the starting line up was surprisingly young with the starters consisting of four sophomores. With this squad and the success they have had it is very promising...

    Men’s Water Polo team holds up number ones after they won sections for the second time in a row.

    Jacob Chigbrow

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