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This year’s soccer team has high expectations with last year’s team going all the way to the championship. They are, however, facing a lineup plagued by injuries and have many more under class players than last year.

“We had a amazing season last year” senior Michaela Milesi said. “We think we have a good chance to win the championship this season also”

The team has suffered the loss of several star seniors do to injuries and has been left with a lack of experience and some early challenges.

In the preseason they were tying a lot of games, often coming back from a losing score. “We didn’t lose so that was good but it was frustrating not being able to pull out those victories” Milesi said.

The team was playing in rainy weather and injuries were at a high. Senior Sofia Jimenez and Lauren Elledge both suffered concussions in early games and had to miss several games because of it. Then in a preseason game against Oakmont Alexia Heinzer hurt her knee was unable to play.

“We are learning to come together” Milesi said. ”The injuries have made us stronger.” The team was still getting used to playing together and working as a team. The injuries have forced everyone to step their game up and in light of the injuries they had to pull up a freshman, Paige Borgogno, from Junior Varsity.

So far the team though has overcome the adversity and they won their first two league games with insurmountable defense.

“Corodva was a good first game, we kept our momentum up the whole time. To give perspective, we shot the ball about 25 times, and Cordova shot only twice” said senior Kira Merrick. They beat both Cordova and Whitney holding them to no goals.

The team has played strong so far in league games and hopes to continue to dominate in their next game against Antelope. “We hope to continue this winning streak throughout the whole season” Merrick said.

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