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Lacrosse is sweeping the nation, and for the Sacramento area, a brand new club has provided high school boys with the opportunity to play. Rio City Lacrosse Team is a club based in the Carmichael area made up of mostly Rio, Jesuit, and Country Day boys.

There are numerous reasons why people decide to play lacrosse, some just because they wanted something to do, and others because they have been interested in it for years.

“I decided to play in sixth grade when I was down in UCSB and played catch with my cousin’s friend who played for the school’s team, and that sparked my interest in the sport,” sophomore Taylor Wick said.

Another player, sophomore, Adam Fenner said, “I decided to play because one of my best friends plays, and when I went out there, all the people on the team were really fun to chill with and it’s exciting to be part of a brand new first year club.”

The club is the underdog in most games, and they are expecting to face many obstacles throughout the season.

“The greatest obstacle to overcome is proving ourselves in the league since this is the first year for the club,” Fenner said, “We have to learn to work as a team, get better as a team, and manage to win against these teams that have been together longer and have more experience than us.”

Proving themselves as a team and their short staff will be a challenge for the Rio City Raiders.

“I think our greatest is the lack of players on the team and we have a lot of first year players who are still learning the sport and are going against people who are playing for years,”  Wick said.

The team has hit an unlucky streak with a record of 1-5, and five people out with concussions.

“The one game we did win was the only one that everyone was there and healthy,” Wick said.

They practice at Sierra Oaks, and they have games two to three times a week at Mather Sports Complex. They typically play on Saturdays and Sundays around 1-2 p.m.

To find out more about the Rio City Raiders, visit their website at

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