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Throughout our school years we’ve always had to read books for our English class.

Yet, no matter what book it is there are always a handful of students sharing the same hatred towards these old books.

Whether it’s a short story, a novel, or an autobiography, many students dislike the selection of literature that we are forced to read.

These books are so old that our parents have read them, and in some cases our grandparents.

In our modern day no one is excited to read about talking animals, some people in Europe, or a woman who has to wear a red letter on her bosom.

I’m pretty sure half of the freshman class doesn’t even know what a bosom is.

I’m more than sure they are not one bit interested in most of the books they are required to read.

Many students are using Spark Notes so that they don’t have to waste their afternoons and evenings tiring their eyes upon whithering old pages of literature that makes them fall to sleep faster.

When a student gets home they want to get all their work done as fast as they can so they can do what they like, and reading a few chapters that are 20 pages each is definitely an overwhelming obstacle.

It clutters our schedules which are already busy with school, extracirricular activities, sports, work, and not to mention family responsabilities and the day to day teenage anxieties.

We shouldn’t devote what little free time we have left to reading a two hundred year old book that we don’t understand and don’t relate to.

In many cases, we have far less free time than our parents. I believe that we should stop reading books and keep up with technology.

We have movies based off almost every book we read, why don’t we just watch movies in class and talk about symbolism and the characters for weeks at a time?

If we are going to keep reading books, however, we should read different books, such as the Harry Potter series.

We could replace Shakespeare with J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens with J.R.R Tolkien, and Mark Twain with Orson Scott Card.

If we are going to be forced to read we might as well read something we enjoy.

The student body should have a vote on their favorite  authors and books and the most voted will be narrowed down into the books we read each year of high school.

That way students will be more happy and will most likely get a better grade in English for actually reading a good book.

Sometimes I find myself caught up in a really cool book and reading that more than I am actually reading an assigned book by the district, and I’m not the only one.

There are plenty of students who get caught up reading another book that they aren’t assigned, and why is that?

Students want to read books they enjoy.

Who cares if these assigned books are ‘the classics?’ The classics are in the eyes of the beholder.

We the students want better books.

At least, we want to learn with different tactics.

If the teachers want us interested in literature, they need to give us books we can relate to and understand, not books about a bosom with a red letter on it.

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