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Consider having a
monthly theme for
the Mirada

For starters, thanks for all your hard work; a couple of my friends are in newspaper and it seems very stressful.
While I appreciate everything you do I have a couple comments to make. It seems that around the holidays the newspaper seems more exciting.
Maybe it’s the specially dedicated articles about shopping lists at Christmastime or the emphasis on love around Valentine’s. Either way these newspapers seem more exciting and anticipated.
Therefore as for all the other times, the newspapers should always have a theme.
Maybe a poll can be taken on a Facebook page as to what the theme should be each time.
I love all the photos and how neatly organized things are but use of different fonts or even different borders might draw more attention to the less popular articles.
Thank you for considering my ideas!
-Victoria Bergeron, 12
Just a thought…

A large highlight of Fridays is getting the new issue of the Mirada hot off the press.
I really enjoy reading about the current events at Rio, especially since some of the events I have not heard about yet.
My personal favorites and probably the favorites of the student body are the “Couples of the Issue” and “Car of the Issue.” Both of these are very fun to read because of the funny or unique things the couples say in response to the questions or the crazy things students do with their cars.
Something that would make the issues better is if the “Couples of the Issue” were people who were more devoted to each other or people who have been together for more than a couple months.
As far as the “Car of the Issue,” I always like to see cars that are out of the norm, or cars that the student has person has personally put a lot of work into.
Overall, the Mirada is a fun paper to read and props to all the trill work that goes into making the paper.
-Hunter Simons, 12

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